Benefits of Dedicated Server Hosting for Your Business

Did you know that globally an average of 547,200 websites is created every day? Every IT expert from around the world, especially from SMEs, faces the one pertinent question: Are the advantages of dedicated hosting better than shared hosting? The answer to this question, however, depends on the size of the business, the website traffic, and the required bandwidth.

Let us get to the most prominent real-life scenario to further understand the difference between shared hosting and dedicated hosting.

So, Alex has an e-commerce website with almost 1,200 website visitors per day and he is looking to expand his business to the next level and announces a jaw-dropping offer. Suddenly, on the day of the sale, his website just stops working. Alex then realizes that as and when he expended the usage of his resources, the more limited his options are to continue his website with the same vigor.

The above scenario is exactly what happens when one signs up for shared server hosting. Shared hosting, as the name suggests, means that you get to share your resources, your RAM, and your cloud space with multiple other websites. In some cases, up to 100+ websites share the same server, leading you to have limited access to your resources, processing speed, and computing bandwidths, ultimately crashing your website because of unmanageable traffic.

Whereas dedicated hosting, while costing only slightly more, comes with a lot of benefits. Firstly, you do not need to share your server space with anyone else. This gets you the best of both worlds: you get a superior bandwidth and also your sensitive data remains intact.

Let us explore the several advantages of dedicated hosting so you can make an informed decision on whether or not you need to sign up for dedicated hosting.

Exploiting the Usage of Dedicated Resources

When you sign up for dedicated hosting, the entirety of the web server, including the CPU, RAM and bandwidth are now exclusive to you and no one else. Since you have unlimited access to the server, website traffic is all the more manageable as opposed to shared hosting. Even during peak business hours, your website performs at an optimum level. The other major advantage is your enterprise has root access – the ability to customize your settings, software preferences and access your server logs – something that shared hosting cannot possibly offer.

A Dedicated Server Knows Your Growing Business Needs

As the dedicated server solely belongs to you, you get to decide and configure your specifications based on your growing business needs. For example, if you have to add new features, services, and applications or modify your existing software to suit your current needs, dedicated servers’ flexibility allows you to have complete control regarding what you do with the server. And it doesn’t stop there. In addition to this, if you have depleted your storage or need more processing, dedicated servers are your go-to.

The Most Reliable and Performance-Driven Server

As opposed to shared hosting, with dedicated servers, your website is far less likely to crash even when experiencing the maximum traffic, thanks to the extra resources available at your disposal. Once you have a great website design ready, all you need is speed and performance for your consumers to have a seamless experience. Both these factors are taken care of through the power of dedicated servers.

In addition to that, round-the-clock technical assistance at the backend is a major plus when it comes to dedicated servers. Even if you do not have the expertise of an IT professional, managed dedicated hosting comes with 24 x 7 technical support whom you can approach any time for troubleshooting and technical assistance.

Optimal Levels of Security and Data Separation

Your dedicated server’s infrastructure is guarded by strong DDoS mitigation. Additionally, you have the power to add your own security software to further strengthen your server’s security.

The in-built data separation isolates your dedicated server from the hosting company’s services, making it impervious to procure your customers’ sensitive data.

Zero Upfront Expenses

One of the major advantages of dedicated servers is that other than getting the top-of-the- line equipment and a reasonable monthly spend, you do not need to pay anything upfront. Moreover, the charge for the service that you pay is almost negligible when compared to the capital it takes to build your own in-house dedicated servers.

Flexibility and Ease-of-use

The choice of flexibility – the complete control of the server lets you manage it however you like, and have the final say on how you run your website. This flexibility factor makes the ease-of-access better for even Non-IT professionals.

This takes us to the two branches of dedicated servers: Bare Metal Servers and Managed Dedicated Servers. Bare Metal Servers, while not for the uninitiated, is a paradise for IT professionals and people with sound knowledge of the technicalities behind dedicated servers. Bare Metal Server plans lets you choose your setup right from the Operating System you install to the custom configurations that you require on your server.

Whereas, Managed Dedicated Servers, are a boon in disguise for the layman, wherein a professional team manages your server and customizes tailor-made solutions according to your requirement. While the professionals manage your website, complete anonymity of sensitive information is maintained. This flexibility and the ease-of-use also form one of the major key benefits of dedicated servers.


To sum up, if you intend to grow your business in the digital spectrum online, with a flawless user experience for your customers, dedicated servers are the way to go. Especially, if you have massive traffic approaching your website, it is of utmost importance that you have the essential performance and speed on top of the incredible UI/UX design. When one invests in a hosting provider, reliability is a major factor to be taken into consideration. Also, easily accessible technical assistance and data security are paramount when you are considering investing in dedicated servers.

We, at EGI Hosting, cater to multitudes of businesses with packages customized based on your requirements. We don’t just provide equipment with top-notch quality, we also assist you with everything, right from the installation process to offering 24 x 7 technical support. Now that you understand the concept of dedicated servers, it is time that you start exploring the limitless possibilities of dedicated server hosting to leverage the exhaustive resources that your organization requires.

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