Windows Media Streaming

When you need media streaming services for larger audiences, Windows Media Services Series Live Internet Broadcasting is a professional, stable, and cost effective solution for your business. With optional security setting for listener/viewer authentication, Windows Media Streaming services are a perfect fit for your private or subscription based broadcasts. Your audio and video files can be made broadcast ready through SAM Broadcaster or the powerful Windows Media Encoder 9 Series production tool.

Your customers can decode your broadcasts for watching or listening through Windows Media player and other players compatible with Windows Media content. Our several Windows Media Service monthly plans are designed to fit your unique needs, based on concurrent listeners/viewers and bitrate. Higher bitrates mean better audio quality and video capability. In addition, our streaming control panel allows you to configure your stream and access listener stats via MPM.

Contact our expert sales staff about special pricing for On-Demand stream servers as well!


  • Options Included

  • Max Bitrate (Kbps)Max Bitrate (Kbps)
  • Slots/Concurrent UsersSlots/Concurrent Users
  • Unlimited traffic!Unlimited traffic!
  • Audio or VideoAudio or Video
  • Live StatsLive Stats
  • WMS

  • Starts at


    per month

  • Max Bitrate (Kbps)24 - 500Kbps
  • Slots/Concurrent Users20 - 100+ Slots
  • Unlimited traffic!yes
  • Audio or Videoyes
  • Live Statsyes
  • WMS
    20 Slots

  • $12.99

    per month

  • Max Bitrate (Kbps)128Kbps
  • Slots/Concurrent Users20 Slots
  • Unlimited traffic!yes
  • Audio or Videoyes
  • Live Statsyes
  • WMS
    40 Slots

  • $24.99

    per month

  • Max Bitrate (Kbps)128Kbps
  • Slots/Concurrent Users40 Slots
  • Unlimited traffic!yes
  • Audio or Videoyes
  • Live Statsyes
  • WMS
    80 Slots

  • $39.99

    per month

  • Max Bitrate (Kbps)128Kbps
  • Slots/Concurrent Users80 Slots
  • Unlimited traffic!yes
  • Audio or Videoyes
  • Live Statsyes

Stream Hosting Audio Bitrate Pricing       
Price Per User:$0.20$0.25$0.40$0.45$0.70$0.80$0.90

Stream Hosting Video Bitrate Pricing      
Price Per User:$0.90$1.15$1.50$1.80$1.95$3.00

Stream Plan Features

  • Live stats for your stream
  • Stream Control panel access
  • Upload intro files (Shoutcast)
  • 24/7 Support Staff
  • Servers in Multiple locations
  • WMA/WMV/MP3/AAC codec support
  • Server relay support
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Password-protected stream
  • Tier 1 upstream providers
  • Enterprise class data centers
  • Multi-homed network

Stream Hosting Plan Terms

Unless otherwise stated, all plans are sold on month to month basis and can be canceled at any time.
To cancel your service please email from your registered email address.
Some special are limited to one per customer.
Accepted payment methods are all major credit cards, PayPal, checks and Wire transfers.
By purchasing you agree to all EGI TOS and AUP.
Contact us via phone, email or live chat